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Sunshine75 (10)
Breville Oracle Touch Parts and Accessories thumbnail image
Tank Water Kit Storage Accessory Fan Tamping Kit Tray Drip Kit Grille Drip Tray Hopper Bean Lid Hopper Steam Nozzle Tip Spout
Ad Id:40072469
Posted:May 10, 2023
AMTROL ST-5 Thermal Expansion Tank thumbnail image
*Inline thermal expansion tank *Accepts expanded water caused by thermal expansion *Returns water to the system when hot water is used *Prevents dr...
Ad Id:40145360
Posted:June 18, 2023
Breville Oracle Touch,  Expresso Machine thumbnail image
Brand New in Box. Never Used. There is a 5 1/2 month warranty on it. Semi Automatic Breville Oracle Touch Model: BES990BSS1BCA1 https://www.b...
Ad Id:40325078
Posted:September 19, 2023
Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BBSHD thumbnail image
Modified rocky mountain thunderbolt medium frame Wheels 27.5 inches Went from 120 rear travel to 150 and added a 160 Pike up front. Converted to e...
Ad Id:39941167
Posted:February 12, 2023
Biedermeier Mahogany Armoire thumbnail image
This belonged to my grandfather in Germany and is over 100 years old. Has Rosewood Inlay Unfortunately it has been moved a lot in it's life time, an...
Ad Id:39601838
Posted:July 1, 2022
8 Tenmat FF130-E Draft Stop Covers for Recessed Lighting thumbnail image
Description: Thermally tested according to UL 1598 for usage with IC and Non-IC rated lights Saves energy by eliminating draft through your recess...
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Ad Id:39419208
Posted:February 28, 2022
Womens Juniper Marin Bike thumbnail image
I have had it in storage for the last few years, and sadly don't see myself using it in the near future. Is a small 15 inch frame and 27.5 inch wheel....
Ad Id:39907282
Posted:January 20, 2023
Rosenthal "Shadow Rose" thumbnail image
Description This set of dishes belonged to my grandmother ( from Europe ) and it has been sitting in storage for awhile now. It is time to pass it on...
Ad Id:39601856
Posted:July 1, 2022
Oriental Women thumbnail image
Oriental Women by Anthony Sinkledam. I have a collection of of 8 oil paintings from an accomplished dutch Canadian artist Anthony Sinkeldam. His work ...
Ad Id:37012356
Posted:January 13, 2021
Daisies in Vase with Wine  by Anthony Sinkledam thumbnail image
I have a collection of of 8 oil paintings from an accomplished dutch Canadian artist Anthony Sinkeldam. His work currently goes for about 600-1000 (U...
Ad Id:36915587
Posted:December 12, 2020
Sunshine75 profile image
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House Cleaner, I am a detailed cleaner. I clean bathroom counters, kitchen surfaces, vacuum and mop. I charge $40 an hour & have a 2 hour minimum. I only clean in the West Shore location ,Thetis Heights, Treanor, & Bear Mountain area (not View Royal ... out of my location). If there are any other requests you would like done, I am happy to accommodate. Do have references available upon request.